How Smoking Affects Your Health

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We all know breathing is essential and directly linked to our health, breathing fresher air provides less polluted oxygen.Breathing sustains life, every time you breathe in precious oxygen it makes everything work inside your body in the right way.

What happens when your smoke a cigarette and inhale smoke instead of air?

As you are inhaling all that smoke from a single puff, you‘re inhaling seven thousand chemicals, more than 200 known carcinogens, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide ammonia amongst others. But it doesn’t just affect your lungs, every puff of a cigarette is causing your heart to pump faster, your blood pressure to go higher. It affects every single organ system in your body. Smoking can even get you bladder cancer.

Addictive nature of cigarettes

Many people think that smoking is just a bad habit, but it is more than just that as it causes all the above-mentioned diseases and health problems with the respiratory system, blood pressure, cardiovascular system. For many people it a very serious addiction.

Smoking affects look

Smoking doesn’t affect just the inside of our body; it also affects the outside too. Skin is the biggest organ on our body as it covers our whole body, and is just important as the heart. Skin is responsible for toxin release and other functions. Cigarettes age your skin faster than anything else.

Smoking deprives the skin of oxygen and nutrients by affecting your blood vessels. The chemicals that you are addicted to, that cigarettes contain, are triggering the destruction of what we need in our skin to keep it healthy, collagen and elastin, the fibers that give your skin that youthful healthy and fresh look. Smoking also makes you look older by creating the wrinkles around your mouth and nose. The color of the skin also changes.

The problem of weight gain

Speaking of appearance, most people don’t want to stop smoking because they will gain more weight. That may be true as food gets tastier and smells better. Smoking increases the risks of getting cataract as you age, it makes it more difficult to see as it affects your eyesight. It can also weaken your bones causing osteoporosis.

Reverse natural healing process

Some studies even suggest that people who smoke are more likely to go bald, develop gum disease amongst other. The good thing about quitting smoke is that a lot of the damage cigarettes made to your body can be undone and reversed due to the natural healing processes that happen in the body all the time. When you quit, within minutes your body starts to heal itself. In the first 20 minutes, your blood pressure and heart rate drop down to a normal state. Within first 12 hours upon quitting cigarettes your carbon monoxide levels drops down to relatively healthy amounts. After two weeks your circulation, lung capacity and functions improve drastically. And finally after just one month, shortness of breath begin to decrease as the body is completely free of toxins from cigarettes by now. Think about these harmful effects of the cigarettes next time you are reaching for the pack of cigarettes.

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Breathing Exercises For A Better Health

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The time when people usually have problems with their respiratory system is when the season changes, during winter and fall. When they see their immune system is being challenged or compromised it may be too late as the flue or any complications to the respiratory organs, have already occurred.

To prevent this, we can prepare ourselves by focusing on our breathing thus increase our immune system effectiveness as well as lung potential. So doing respiratory exercises before the season changes is a great and easy way to be prepared to avoid viruses and flue.

Three different phases of breeding

Most people breathe high up from their lungs. What we want to do is start breathing from the belly, to do this you must stimulate your stomach with this exercise. Put your both arms onto your belly, on the diaphragm and press on your belly. Pushing your abdomen while breathing in and breathing our, with the pause of 1 to 2 seconds in between, promotes diaphragm breathing.

Next exercise a bit different. Put both of your hands with palms and index finger surrounding the rib cage on the left and right side of your ribs. Hook your hands and push the ribs as you bread in and bread out. The pushing should only give a little resistance to the breathing so don’t use too much force.

The moment when you feel your rib cage is bending, as you bread in and bread out, you should reduce the force that you are using in stimulating the lungs through the rib construction.

Upper stimulation

The third type of exercise is the upper stimulation directly above the chest area. When we breathe in, we can notice the upper chest area expand as well. With the same above mentioned technique use your hand to provide some resistance to the breathing expansion of your chest. This way we strengthen the muscles of our lungs. It is basically like exercising with a weight attached to your limbs. The moment your remove the weights your muscles do an extra effort to perform regular operations.These were the three basic types of exercises for the chest, lungs, and stomach.

Additional Exercises

Another great exercise is similar to the back of the head hands position. It’s similar except that palms of your joined hands are not on the back of your head but parallel to the grounds. So just rotate your wrists, so they are parallel to the horizon and expand your rib cage and make more room for your lungs to fill with air. Do this exercise as you bread in and bread out and stimulate your lungs to get more oxygen and breathe out more CO2.

Scientist and health specialists recommend these exercises in the morning as they naturally stimulate your body to function more effectively.

Do all the above-mentioned exercises three times a day. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening. This way you will get more oxygen in your body and your bloodstream providing a healthier life for yourself.
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