Fruit comes as a God’s gift since there is no healthier type of food (except maybe vegetables). The importance of fruit consumption mirrors in years of fruit cultivation and eating.

People tend to eat fruit in all kinds of forms but sometimes they eat it when they shouldn’t. Find out more in this article.

Healthy nutrition

The universal recipe for perfect health includes five daily meals that are made of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. All nutritionists and cardiologists agree that people that stick to that nutrition rule visit the doctor less than other, and open their home pharmacy locker rare.


In proper nutrition with fruits, you need to come from scientifically proven fact that it does not stay for a long time in your stomach, which means that it should not be eaten with something else, or after something else. The main rule of eating fruits is to take it in on an empty stomach. This way you will reach maximal detoxification, and that it why every nutritionist suggests you to eat fruits for breakfast, before anything else. It releases a large amount of energy and relieves the digestive organs. This energy is directed to the elimination of excess weight and increases life activity.

Eating fruit after other meals

If you eat fruit after other foods, many problems could happen. Fruit particles will be unable to pass through your digestive tract and fruit ferments and mixes with other food, which leads to acid release. Proteins die and carbohydrates ferment, which leads to nausea in your stomach.

When should you eat fruits?

Always eat fruits on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before your meal, or 2 hours after your meal. Make sure that all fruits are fresh, raw, and give an advantage to natural domestic fruits if you are able, instead of supermarket ones. You can try out to eat only fruits every third day; the results will impress you.

How do you know if you are doing it wrong?

Don’t worry your body will inform you about it. If you mix fruits with other food in your stomach, it will produce gasses and intumescence.

Bad time for fruits

Avoid eating fruits with other groceries, except apples and carrots. Never combine fruits with sprouted grains, because it will cause fermentation in your stomach. Don’t eat acidic fruits combined with sweet ones, and never overdo the reasonable amounts of both.

Good effects of fruits

Every fruit has its special effects, and for your vision, best ones are apricots and carrots. Apricot is enriched with beta carotene plant pigment which turns into vitamin A in your body. That is the vitamin responsible for the health of your vision, especially for visually impaired persons. Carrot got its name because of carotene, and it supplies us with lots of vitamin A. It is good to take one carrot daily, fresh or bare boiled.

Good mood and bright mind

Yes, it also can be improved by some fruits. Bananas, for instance, helps you to improve your mood because it causes the release of the hormone of happiness. Oat flakes are just made for gray brain cells. They’re enriched with iron and magnesium which improve the transfer of oxygen to the brain.

Smooth skin and hair

Pineapple tightens the skin and connective tissue, thanks to its ingredient bromeliad, and you only need to intake it twice a week. Eggs are enriched with biotin and B complex vitamins which are responsible for the elasticity of your hair and skin. Walnuts encourage the fast growth of your hair because it contains biotin and important amino acids responsible for healthy structure and looks of your hair, and the results will be visible if you intake about ten walnuts daily.