We live in a society where some life-threatening practices have become a norm. Drug abuse is one of those practices which has been normalized in the society. You will find people drinking or smoking in public in broad daylight. Most authorities are reluctant to deal with such because of how these drugs have been categorized. There are hard drugs most of which are illegal in a number of countries. The light drugs like alcohol and cigarettes have been legalized in most countries however some have implemented measures to regulate their use. Smoking is prevalent in most countries with almost each town having its own smoking zones. There are a number of dangers a linked with the smoking of cigarettes.


Most of these problems are health-related and may lead to death. Smoking is known to be the lead cause of cancer with a number of deaths occurring because of lung cancer. Tobacco found in cigarettes contains deadly chemicals which may damage your lung tissues. This may bring about breathing problems to one leading to death. The smoke produced from a burning cigarette contains carbon monoxide which may lead to heart disease when inhaled. A number of measures have been undertaken by various people to help reduce smoking. Some civil organizations have stepped up campaigns to help smokers quit their smoking habits. Here are some self-help measures you can take to quit smoking.


Eliminate your triggers

Many people do smoke occasionally, and this may increase their chances of being cigarette addicts. There are a few things that prompt them to smoke in the several occasions. These include stress, alcohol or even social pressure. Many seek refuge in smoking whenever they are stressed. This is because of the soothing effect brought about by smoking. Drinking alcohol brings the urge of smoking to many who can’t resist the situation. You should identify all the things that trigger you to buy a cigarette and eliminate them. Don’t forget to take deep breaths whenever you are stressed.



Regular exercises

Regular exercises will keep your body active and bring about some healing. It will also stimulate your body to release hormones that will do away with the different toxic substances you got from smoking tobacco. Your breathing rate and general health will improve with time. You will also be preoccupied therefore staying clear from that practice.


Self discipline

You can regulate yourself from smoking by coming up with your own measures. Quitting this habit can be hard, but you can reduce it to the point of leaving it. Regulate your self to like one stick a day and stick to that practice. With time you will find yourself losing interest in them. Self-discipline is essential in that procedure to regulate yourself.